A new home for Christmas

Friday, 30 December 2016   ::   Guyana

hopd20763One of the largest projects that Logos Hope volunteers are undertaking during their time in Georgetown, Guyana is to help build a new home for a family in need. Working with Neville Butts, a local pastor and worker with the Guyana Bible Society, teams from Logos Hope are being sent to the site to work alongside local carpenters throughout the ship’s three weeks in port.

Neville has fond memories of the last time Logos Hope visited and told one team, “When the ship came to visit Guyana in 2009, I decided I wanted to join the crew. My pastor said, ‘Neville, we would love to support you in this work, but our finances are too low right now.’ I saw that God was shutting the door on the opportunity.” Neville explained that he wanted to join Logos Hope because his heart was to serve the nations, but that he soon realised God was leading him to stay and serve his own nation.

“The family we are building the house for does not attend our church, but they live in our community, and they are in need,” said Neville, who explained that the mother and daughter work, but are also responsible for the son’s baby while he is in prison on attempted murder charges.

When the teams arrived at the plot of land, they were surprised to see the conditions in which the family was living. The house was smaller than three square meters, had no running water, electricity, or toilet facilites - not even an outhouse. In addition, the house was built on ground that frequently floods.

Neville is thrilled to have help from the Logos Hope teams, knowing that the extra labour will save both time and money, and will allow the family to move into the new home sooner. “I really like working with Neville,” said Jonathan Hogenkamp (Germany). “I can tell that he is committed and will see this project through to completion.”

The new house, while modest, will quadruple the family’s living space, add a toilet and shower, and will be raised on stilts to reduce the risk of flooding.