Developing creativity

Tuesday, 17 January 2017   ::   Trinidad & Tobago

hopd20815After three weeks in Guyana, crewmembers were excited to travel to their next port-of-call, Port of Spain, on the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean country is home to four of Logos Hope’s volunteers, so excitement on board was high as the ship made her way into port. “Do you see that little girl in the yellow dress?” Khemraj Lakhan (Trinidad and Tobago) said as crewmembers waved to the welcoming crowd on the quayside. “That’s my sister!”

Logos Hope is known throughout Trinidad and Tobago as ‘the book ship.’ Since the ship’s previous visit to the islands in 2009, Trinidadians and Tobagonians have been eagerly awaiting her return. Many local guests came to celebrate the official opening of the ship’s bookfair, including the Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia.

“As a teacher, I can attest to the value that reading brings to society,” said Mr Garcia. “In addition to being fundamental for a person’s ability to function in society, it develops the imagination and one’s creativity.” Mr Garcia told crewmembers that the Ministry of Education has already given permission for schools to bring their students to visit the ship. “The fact that Logos Hope has found popular support among our citizens speaks volumes.”

The education minister also explained that his department encourages reading both at school and at home, but added, “We understand that the most important reading is done when it is done at leisure. I hope that access to the books on the ship will help students to improve their spelling.”

Captain Graham Wilburn (UK) thanked the people of Trinidad and Tobago for welcoming Logos Hope’s international community and for working in tandem with the ship’s volunteers to bring knowledge, help and hope to the country.