Welcoming ‘the book ship’

Friday, 10 February 2017   ::   Trinidad & Tobago

hopd20869Logos Hope's volunteers were excited to officially open the book fair to the public in Tobago after a busy four-week visit to her twin island, Trinidad.

Crewmembers from all departments had been called upon to lend a hand in Port of Spain, Trinidad. They assisted with crowd control, sorted books and replenished shelves in the book fair, and priced new stock in the book hold. Aware that Logos Hope may not be back in their country for several years, Trinidadians took advantage of 'the book ship' and bought books for current and future use. One couple told the book fair's assistant manager, Irawin Warinsirikul (Thailand), that they were purchasing children’s books because they hope to start a family of their own one day.

The last days before the ship’s arrival in Scarborough were busy for the advance preparation team members as they made final arrangements for the two-week visit. Jan Gunther (Germany), the team’s leader, told crewmembers that Logos Hope will share her quayside with visiting cruise ships, so his team and port authorities have been working hard to maximise the limited hours the ship can open to the public, in a creative way.

At the first sighting of Logos Hope making her way into port, all the pressure of planning was forgotten, as the welcoming party stood on the quayside, flags in hand. “I can see the ship!” said Kayla Gibson (US), pointing to a dark shape in the fog. “There she is!” A local steelpan band began to play as the cheering started. “Welcome to Tobago!” a group of Tobagonians called to crewmembers standing on the outer decks.

Port of Spain and Scarborough have historically been two of the ships’ busiest ports for book sales. The book fair’s leadership is anticipating that purchases in Scarborough may equal or exceed the 365,000 books sold in Port of Spain. Crewmembers are pleased to have the support and partnership of Tobagonian businesses, such as Divine Connection International, a local bookstore.

The upcoming days are expected to be busy for Logos Hope community, but volunteers look forward to promoting knowledge through reading in this next port of call.