Dance delight

31 March 2010

Nassau, Bahamas :: Use of dance brings inspiration to Haitians.

Living out a legacy

23 March 2010

Kingston, Jamaica :: Record numbers of visitors come to Logos Hope.

Doulos handover

18 March 2010

Jurong, Singapore :: MV Doulos has been handed over to new owners.

Africa ahoy

16 March 2010

Kingston, Jamaica :: An optimistic Advance Preparation Team gets ready to go to Africa.

MOA signed

12 March 2010

Jurong, Singapore :: The agreement for the sale of Doulos is in place.

Outside appearance

11 March 2010

Kingston, Jamica :: Locals comment on what community improvement means to them.

Vital value

04 March 2010

Kingston, Jamaica :: Lady officers and engineers are valued as much as anyone.

Offer accepted

03 March 2010

Keppell Marina, Singapore :: The process to sell the ship moves a step further.

Doulos update

26 February 2010

Keppel Bay, Singapore :: Remaining crew wait while negotiations to sell the ship continue.