Bringing help and hope

14 October 2015

Yangon, Myanmar :: Bringing help and hope are not mere words but practical action.

Up against the "big boys"

12 October 2015

Yangon, Myanmar :: Logos Hope football team plays in a thrilling match against ex-national players of Myanmar.

Loving practically

09 October 2015

Yangon, Myanmar :: Logos Hope teams visit various orphanages and childcare centres in Yangon.

Meeting Mr. Five Million

08 October 2015

Yangon, Myanmar :: Logos Hope’s highly anticipated five-millionth visitor arrives in Yangon, Myanmar.

Meeting milestones

05 October 2015

Yangon, Myanmar :: Logos Hope looks forward to welcoming her five-millionth visitor on board in Myanmar.

Timely provisions

02 October 2015

Ships :: The engine team experiences God’s timely provisions in more ways than one.

House of hope

30 September 2015

Penang, Malaysia :: Several Logos Hope teams join a local organisation to visit underprivileged families in Penang.

Family fun

28 September 2015

Penang, Malaysia :: Parents and children enjoy some good family bonding time in an onboard event.

All things made beautiful

23 September 2015

Penang, Malaysia :: Crewmembers from the sewing hobby group use their skills and creative talent to teach crafts to female victims of labour abuse.

In unity

18 September 2015

Penang, Malaysia :: A record number new crewmembers join Logos Hope in high spirits.