Holding the load

05 Jul, 2012 :: Subic Bay, Philippines

Every five years, Logos Hope’s lifeboats have to be tested to see if they can hold the weight of 80 people. Specifically, the strength of the foreblocks, the metal pieces which hold the boats to the davits, must be tested. To do this, members of the ship’s deck department filled 290 bags with sand and carefully weighed them to make sure each weighed 25kg. The total weight of the bags equalled the number of people the lifeboat needs to hold multiplied by 75kg (the average weight of a person) plus 10 per cent. All 290 bags were then loaded onto all five of the lifeboats. Chief mate Cristian Montaner (Chile) sought to keep his team motivated throughout the long day. “I have given them ice cream,” he said. “It is a challenge to keep everyone in good spirits.”

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