Basic Safety Training

02 Oct, 2012 :: Subic Bay, Philippines

All crewmembers, whether they are joining the ship for a shorter or longer term must go through a Basic Safety Training (BST). This is an orientation of the safety procedures for survival in case of an emergency. In the swimming pool, the new crewmembers learned how put on a life jacket in less than two minutes, how to make their t-shirts and trousers into inflatable life jackets, use of immersion suits and thermal protective aids and also how to flip a life raft over. “We hope we never have to be in a situation where we need to use this equipment,” said BST trainer Steve Jackson (USA). “But it’s always better to be safe.” Living on board is an exciting experience but the importance of being prepared and familiarised in case of an emergency is vital. 

Watch a video of the BST on Logos Hope TV.