Unceasing efforts

13 Nov, 2015 :: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Logos Hope teams continue to work closely with local organisations to help with community development projects up till the ship’s last days in Colombo. In the last three days, several teams were sent out to villages in the Ratnapura district to help with practical work like cleaning the local hospital and painting classrooms in schools. Partnering with local non-governmental organisation, Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS), Logos Hope supported LEADS’ mission to develop and implement programmes that will alleviate human suffering and promote wholeness in the community.

One of the teams, made up of six guys from the deck department, helped with painting classrooms in a local village school.  “The 75 families living in this village face a lot of hardship like lack of food and necessity supplies,” explained English teacher, Jinadari K. “This visit by Logos Hope to help us is very important and valuable for the school and students. It gives us great encouragement to know that people care.”

The students were intrigued by the visit of the team and could not stop being around them. “The children wanted to help and started to paint with us,” shared one of the team members, Gabe Epp (Paraguay). “They really enjoyed doing it together with us, and they feel proud painting their own school as well.” Although the language barrier was great, the team connected with the children through different ways. Aogu Kobota (Japan) used origami and a blown-up globe to play with the children. “They couldn’t speak English but we still had nice interaction with them. It was a day of tough work but the children made it enjoyable,” reflected Aogu.