Shining at any age

11 Dec, 2015 :: Port Louis, Mauritius

At an onboard event named ‘Because You Matter’, local senior citizens enjoyed an interactive afternoon with crewmembers through dance, sharing and prayers. The purpose of the event was to allow participants to feel valued and cared for even at a senior age, and to open their hearts to re-consider how best to use their time.

The event started off with some light-hearted performances and participants joined in a presentation of the Brazilian dance. It was a heart-warming sight as the senior citizens moved to the music beats and enjoyed the dance, demonstrating the spirit of being young at heart. Crewmember, Leonie Blum (Germany), performed a mime about one’s time in life. “Time and love are things you can leave behind for the next generation,” shared Leonie to the intent audience. “Leaving behind the love of God is for eternity.”

One of the oldest crewmembers working on Logos Hope, Chief Mate Michael Madder (U.K.), also drew from his life experiences. Having worked on board for almost seven years, he expressed that his passion lies in helping young people in their growth and training. Chief Michael leads a group of young men on the ship in the deck department. At 71 years old, he continues to serve God with a thankful heart and a positive attitude. “When people learn about my age, they are often impressed at how active and fit I still am,” said Chief Michael. “I use this as an opportunity to point them to The One who supplies me with the strength and grace I need.”

“You’re never too old to set another new goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis.