God's umbrella

15 Jan, 2016 :: Toamasina, Madagascar

“Here is your umbrella,” said Nino Narozauli (Georgia) as she handed out an imaginary umbrella to a leper patient who received it with a shy smile using both her deformed hands.

The umbrella was no ordinary umbrella; it was “God’s umbrella” as Nino put it, meant for protecting against life’s storms. “The umbrella is only useful when you hold on to it. Don’t face life’s storms without holding on to God’s umbrella!” warned Nino lovingly.

A Logos Hope team had the privilege to connect with leprosy survivors in Madagascar and love them for who they are. Each survivor came with their own painful story. One of them, Pwetty, was grieving herself almost to death when volunteers found her hiding in her tiny house. “Despite her deformed hands and feet, Pwetty walks 5km into town every morning to beg,” explained Kim Radford, co-founder of HELP Madagascar, a non-profit Christian charity that extends practical help to the poor and rejected and aims to empower them for self-change. “It’s no wonder they would give up on life because it is so, so hard.” Through HELP Madagascar, the leprosy survivors have a place to go to for meals as well as receive donations of necessity supplies.

After some sharing, the team prayed individually for each survivor. It was a special moment where everyone could appear the same before God. Despite the damage that leprosy has done to their bodies, each of them is beautiful and precious in God’s eyes.