Peace, hope and education

27 Jan, 2016 :: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Peace, hope and education were the themes of the official opening of Logos Hope in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Partner Ministries Director, Randy Grebe (USA), shared with the group the meaning of Logos Hope and Dar es Salaam. Logos Hope means the 'word of hope' and Dar es Salaam which means 'city of peace'. “We look to partnering with you in hope and peace during our stay,” he said. With the excitement building in the news at the growth in Dar es Salaam, it is said that this city will become the shining star of the African continent." Randy went on to say that "it is the beauty of its people who are the shining stars, we look forward with joy to spending much time with the people of Tanzania."

The guest of honour, Minister of Education, Dr Joyce Ndalichako, shared her thoughts on the hope of education and reading. Although reading may not be in the culture of the Tanzanian she would nonetheless strive to further education, especially through the reading of books. She hopes that the visit of Logos Hope will inspire a new culture of reading books. Dr. Ndalichako quoted from the late President Julius Kambarage Nyerere, saying “Books are an important method of getting knowledge, getting ideas about development and making one to be self-reliant… all the skills of the people of human history and all its inventions can be found through reading.” Logos Hope will be berthed in the port of Dar es Salaam and open to the public until 17th February.