Echoes of hope

09 Feb, 2016 :: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Contributed by Caylee Good (South Africa)

Logos Hope hosted an event called Echoes of Hope. It was a kind of music festival where crewmembers as well as local musicians shared their hope through playing instruments and singing. The audience also had the opportunity to hear personal stories from crewmembers about how music has been an echo of hope in their lives. Through the event, it was clear that music is not just a sound or an activity for Africans. It is part of what makes their heart beat.

With the Logos Hope being in Africa, crewmembers were awed repeatedly as they heard the voice of Africans singing. Their singing is clear and strong, as strong as their will is to live even in some of the toughest circumstances. During the event, the audience responded with shouts and claps as they felt crew musicians and locals sing from their hearts.

One of these electric moments occurred when Daniel Heidari (Sweden) performed a rap song he had written that told of his life story. The audience could feel the authenticity and passion in the music and its lyrics. One of the lines from the song said, “At first I wasn’t being true with the music, but now the lyrics got fire so I may do it.” At this point, the audience clapped loudly as they could identify with being true to music by writing, playing and singing with heart and fire.