You are special

19 Feb, 2016 :: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Men from a drug rehabilitation centre in Tanzania visited Logos Hope and attended the event ‘You are special’. They listened to the stories of crewmembers that also had a past with drugs. However, it doesn’t stop with drugs. A few crewmembers shared honestly about their struggles with finding their identity and eventually turning to partying, car-racing, and even being a member of a gang. “I searched for fulfilment in drinking and partying, but found no worth or value in it,” shared one crewmember, Jan Guenther (Germany).  Another crewmember, Rainer Rempel (Paraguay), shared his past of how he had to join gangs to feel accepted and ‘important’. 

These crewmembers then washed the feet of the men to serve them and remind them that they are special. Emcee of the event, Will Bailey (USA), explained that Jesus also washed his disciples’ feet to give them their identity and His assurance. Initially, the men felt surprised at having the crewmembers wash their feet and didn't show a lot of emotions. Gradually, they started to open up to the crewmembers and prayed together. “I really appreciate how the crewmembers showed us love despite who we are,” shared one of the men. "It makes us feel accepted and loved." Pray that these men will feel encouraged through the stories of others and that their brokenness will be restored.