The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe try-outs

23 Feb, 2016 :: At Sea

Preparations for the much anticipated production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a new project to reach out to the public, are underway. Auditions have begun as Logos Hope sails towards Mozambique. In the ship’s dining room, crewmembers huddle around tables to run through lines in the play.

Feedback from crewmembers about the auditions has been very positive. “I had a lot of fun surprisingly at the auditions,” shared Ben Scheffbuch (Germany), who thinks that this is a really “cool” way to reach out to people. “I’m happy that we have professional people teaching and guiding us.” Crewmembers are hyped at the prospects of Logos Hope staging a professional, larger-scale production. “We are neither professional actors nor are we a known theatre company, but if we can produce a high quality show that mesmerises the audience, people will start to wonder and see the sincerity in us,” said Joas Oliveira (Brazil). 

Directors of the production, Tim and Katy Whitson (USA), have only just arrived on Logos Hope a week ago and are already kept busy with the auditions. “I’m really impressed with the willingness of crewmembers to try anything,” noted Tim. “They are willing to try new things even if they don’t really know why, and regardless of whether it’s awkward or not.” Katy added on that it has been very encouraging so far. The production is a whole new challenge for the couple who, although is not new to theatre, is managing a full production for the first time from directing to lighting to sound and so on by themselves. “Despite this, we feel very supported by people who are excited about the project and helping out in different ways,” said Tim.