Great things can happen

22 Mar, 2016 :: Durban, South Africa

The effort and contribution of different parties made it possible for a rural housing area, Waterloo Phase 6, to receive free medical checks, medication, eyeglasses and counselling sessions. The area is part of the government’s housing project to provide an environment for families previously living in unhygienic and life-threatening environments. As the ‘mobile clinic’ only occurred once a year, villagers started waiting three hours before Logos Hope staff and other volunteers arrived.

Pastor Joseph, who has been ministering in the region including phases 5 and 7 for the past 58 years, partnered with Impilo Centre, a Christian NGO, as well as the local municipality to organise the medical outreach. Apart from physical care, villagers also received spiritual care with one-to-one counselling sessions from Impilo Centre volunteers. The Logos Hope team, which included a doctor and a nurse, helped out with providing additional medical advice as well as performing eyeglass tests. Many vices including drug and alcohol abuse, violence as well as promiscuity are prominent in the village. “Getting HIV is so common, almost like having asthma in other parts of the world,” shared Dr. Minna Schomas (Finland), who had to break the news to HIV patients who just got tested. “I saw the reality of this virus and how devastating it is.” During the check-ups, she also saw patients with injuries and cuts on their bodies, a result of fights.

Despite the situation, Pastor Joseph doesn’t lose hope. He has already put in place a soup kitchen, a classroom to provide computer training and sewing classes as well as a community centre/childcare centre to help the community develop. Once things are running well, he will go on to help other nearby regions. “Great things can happen here if we continue to have hope and work hard,” he asserted.