Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Friday, 23 December 2016   ::   Guyana

hopd20721After 12 days at sea, Logos Hope completed her voyage across the Atlantic Ocean and docked at the first port-of-call on her Caribbean tour, Georgetown, Guyana.

It has been six and a half years since Logos Hope last visited ports in the Caribbean, so crewmembers received a warm welcome from many people who have fond memories of the vessel and have been looking forward to her return. “There are relationships which were formed during previous ship visits that have continued and which span many decades,” said Director Seelan Govender (South Africa) during the ceremony to officially open the book fair to the public. “We hope to build relationships now which will span many decades into the future.”

Logos Hope will celebrate an important milestone while in Guyana: receiving her six millionth visitor! “We hear that you are about 5,000 people away from having your six millionth visitor,” said Minister of Education Nicolette Henry, the guest of honour at the ceremony. “We hope to help you make that happen.”

Ms Henry shared that she had just returned from the country's parliament, where the largest portion of the budget had been allocated to education. Ms Henry believes that it is only through education that a nation can develop, and she hopes to see the continued development of Guyana’s people through education. “I am happy to know that Logos Hope is in sync with where my country is going,” said Ms Henry.

The guest of honour also expressed her approval for the fact that all crewmembers work as volunteers. “When you see ordinary people doing extraordinary things, you can only be moved by that,” said Ms Henry. “I hope that the hope you bring will inspire the nation and make a difference across the country.”

Logos Hope will be visiting ports throughout the Caribbean from December 2016 until December 2017.