Bookfair canopy constructed

Project progress on board Doulos Hope has been particularly visible in recent days, as the vessel’s new canopy structure is assembled on her top deck. The canopy is designed to contain the ship’s bookfair, continuing GBA Ships’ tradition of sharing knowledge and providing access to good quality literature in the port communities during ship visits.

Doulos Hope remains in Loyang Berth, Singapore this month, where much outfitting has taken place to see offices, meeting rooms and the ship’s galley (kitchen) readied for use.

In the meantime, work continues to progress toward the reissuing of all certificates needed to enable the vessel to continue sailing for the next five years.

As the new year begins, Doulos Hope is also set to undergo her third sea trial in advance of her launch early next year.

GBA Ships would like to thank all of those who have been involved so far in this phase of the renovation and looks forward to the prospect of further developing port partnerships in the Southeast Asia area, where Doulos Hope will largely be based.