Doulos Hope Project Work Progresses

Doulos Hope remains alongside at Loyang Berth, Singapore, where renovation work is well underway to prepare the vessel for service.

Since dry dock in early September, much progress has been made in converting and refurbishing office and cabin spaces, as well as meeting and conference rooms. Meanwhile, work continues to accommodate the storage of books. These will stock the new bookfair, to be located on the ship’s top deck. Galley refurbishment, as well as electrical and IT cabling work, will keep both crew and delivery partners busy in the run-up to Christmas.

On 31 October, Doulos Hope also completed her second of a series of sea trials, in another important step towards receiving certificates needed to enable operation for the next five years.

GBA Ships would like to extend thanks to Toll Group for the provision of the jetty for the ship during this time and for their efficiency, support, and the safety of the working environment, helping to make this project possible.

As 2023 swiftly approaches, so does the planned launch of the vessel into service. Just like her sister ship Logos Hope, the vessel’s crew will share knowledge, help and hope in the port communities visited.

To follow more of her journey, visit Doulos Hope’s YouTube channel: