Living in harmony

Logos Hope was welcomed to Dürres Albania amid a mesmerising display of cultural dance performances from local dance academy professionals on the quayside. In return, crewmembers joyfully continued the Logos Hope tradition of waving the flags of their nations from on board. This beautiful cultural exchange highlighted the already harmonious friendship between Albania and Logos Hope, one that will continue to strengthen here in Dürres.

On Friday 7 October, the guest of honour, Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, officially opened Logos Hope’s bookfair to the public. Managing Director Edward David (Malaysia) opened the event with an address, saying, “Our desire is to make a difference in the community. Logos Hope is not just a book ship or a travelling community. Logos Hope has a vision to make a difference in this world in the ports that we come into.” Supportive of Logos Hope’s vision to share knowledge, help and hope, Ms. Balluku says, “The exact message you are giving is a way of living in Albania. This community of 64 nationalities, living in a floating home, visiting every part of the world to share your message, is an inspiration! It is the best message in the hardest times.” Likening the ship’s community to the peace and harmony that can be found in Albania, she continues, “This harmony has characterised Albania, even in the darkest times during communism. We have not lost the harmony of living in community, so you are in the right place to be.”

Deputy Prime Minister Balluku, along with Mayor of Dürres, Emiriana Sako, were then given a tour of the bookfair. Ms Balluku was particularly taken by the bookfair saying, “The book is special; to touch a book, to smell the aroma of a library, to remember the childhood years that we have had here in Albania. We would share our books with each other, with our names in them, hoping they would come back to us. For us, books are really important.”

Logos Hope looks forward to welcoming many local people on board during her stay in Dürres, Albania.