Renovation phase completion

It’s been less than one year since Doulos Hope was added to GBA’s fleet and at the start of a new one, the renovation work on board is almost complete.

Over the past eight months, cabins and offices have been rearranged and refurbished, the galley (ship’s kitchen) overhauled, meeting and event rooms readied, storage space created and a new bookfair canopy added to Doulos Hope’s top deck.

While technical testing continues this week after further sea trials which took place in early January, plans are also being made for Doulos Hope to leave Singapore in the coming days and dock in Penang, Malaysia. Here, minor work projects will be finished and crew handover continued.

As the team enters the final few weeks of this part of the process, GBA Ships is grateful for all who have been involved so far throughout the project and for the hard work of partners who have dedicated their time and energy towards seeing the renovation works completed on schedule.

With a planned launch still on track for mid-2023, it’s full steam ahead for the incoming crew, as the handover begins.