Women of Bar

Bar, Montenegro :: Crewmembers assist Women of Bar at their soup kitchen to provide daily meals for those in need.

In November 2018, 20 women from across the Municipality of Bar began a soup kitchen to create meals for those in need. Beginning as a traditional recipe page on social media, the women, who were unknown to each other at the time, were contacted by a member of a charitable organisation and asked to prepare traditional meals for people in rural areas who were elderly or had a disability. This grew when a single mother of two daughters came home from hospital and had no food in the fridge, and so the Women of Bar soup kitchen was born.

Four years later, in November 2022, Logos Hope partnered with Women of Bar to make and distribute daily meals for 250 individuals and families around the Municipality of Bar. Ship teams were sent early each morning to the soup kitchen to assist the cook, Jasna Čikmirović, and other volunteers. They helped with anything that was needed, from peeling potatoes to cooking and packing meals; each task a contribution towards feeding those in need. However, the reach of Women of Bar extends far beyond meal preparation. Marija Radović, manager of the soup kitchen, said, “Our job is not only the soup kitchen. We have renovated so many houses and apartments for the homeless, single mothers, elderly people and disabled people. It’s a big job and we hope that we can keep doing this, but it depends on the donations we receive.” They also share out donations of hygiene products, furniture, clothing and other items, connect those in need with medical or financial aid and much more. “Whatever you prepare in your own home, you can get here; whatever you think you need,” continued Marija.

Crewmembers were also invited to join the Women of Bar volunteers for their anniversary celebration, following a successful partnership throughout the ship’s time in port. Iven (Netherlands) said, “We are sharing knowledge, help and hope, they are sharing food and helping others. I think that is something that brought us together.”