A year to remember

Logos Hope had a slow start to 2022 due to lockdown, but soon crewmembers were back on their feet and ready to begin a year full of sharing knowledge, help and hope around the world.

Logos Hope began the year in Tema and Takoradi, Ghana, then Monrovia, Liberia. Almost 70,000 visitors spent time on the Visitor Experience Deck, including the bookfair, during the ship’s visit to West Africa. Crewmembers enjoyed experiencing local cultures and connecting with people. Crew provided eyesight testing, distributed water purifiers, offered training programmes and helped with building projects, as well as supporting schools and setting up or restocking libraries. Logos Hope head teacher Jan (England) and her team trained local teachers in integrated learning styles. “I see education as a gift that we can share,” she said. “And if we could give that gift to others, then it's an incredible gift to give.”

In Las Palmas, Spain, Logos Hope went into dry dock for annual maintenance. While the shipyard cleaned and repainted the hull, the team on board updated the fire response system, serviced equipment, retiled bathrooms and undertook many other repairs. Meanwhile, teams on shore assisted community groups, connected with university students, helped in a refugee centre, cared for people suffering or recovering from addictions and distributed food to those in need. Oliver (Denmark) worked alongside Remar, an organisation that assists those suffering or recovering from addictions. Together they set up a beauty salon for people in need. Oliver shared, “It was awesome seeing people who feel forsaken by society and don’t have means to invest in their own self-care come to enjoy special treatments.”

Logos Hope continued her journey toward Europe and into the Mediterranean. After visiting Seville and Ceuta, Spain, the ship spent time in her home port of Valletta, Malta. From there, the next stops were Vlorë and Durrës, Albania and Bar and Portonovi, Montenegro, in the Balkan region. Limassol, Cyprus was Logos Hope’s final European port. Over 150,000 visitors stepped onto Logos Hope’s Visitor Experience Deck throughout the ship’s time in Europe. Crewmembers distributed food, visited homes for the elderly, offered a variety of educational classes, participated in football tournaments, participated in onboard events and much more.

As the year draws to a close for Logos Hope in Beirut, Lebanon, it feels more like a beginning than an end. Crewmembers are ready for a new region, new cultures, and more lasting connections with new people and places. Follow along with Logos Hope’s journey in 2023!