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Exposure to cultures

05 Aug, 2014 :: Incheon, South Korea

An excited buzz filled the air as visitors toured the Hope Theatre, stopping to play a game, learn about a new country, enjoy refreshments or play the African drums. The event ‘Open Ship’ provided both young and older visitors an exposure to the crew of Logos Hope, showcasing the diversity of nationalities on board as well as allowing visitors to meet them. The international wardrobe was one of the most frequented stands as many children and adults modelled costumes from Mexico, Mongolia and many other countries for a quick snapshot on the stage. South Korean navy vessel, docked next to the ship, brought their staff to visit Logos Hope. “I liked the song from Nepal”, said one of the men, pointing to the Nepali crewmember that performed. “Our ship is used for war to supply oil. Logos Hope is bringing knowledge and clean water," said a sailor, inspired by the vision of Logos Hope.

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