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Ready to Power Up

10 Oct, 2014 :: Singapore

Logos Hope has arrived safely in Singapore, where the vessel will remain for the next six months to complete the Power Up Logos Hope project. This significant technical work will see the replacement of two of the ship’s old generators and the main electrical switchboard. In addition, a heat recovery system will be installed to recycle previously wasted heat energy to heat domestic water on board as well as pre-heat fuel oil. The work is being carried out by the Keppel Shipyard in Singapore. Members of Keppel Shipyard management were invited on board for a special meal this week to learn more about the unique purpose of Logos Hope and meet many of the ship leaders, including technical leaders who will provide assistance and oversight of the works.

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The vessel Logos Hope is currently visiting:
Singapore Power Up Project, Singapore

where the local time is 11:27 AM
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