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A Rainbow to the community

23 Apr, 2015 ::

Two years ago when Logos Hope was in Kuching, a team had visited Rainbow Children’s Library, a library just starting up and founded by a Korean missionary couple. The place had been donated to them by a businessman who shared the same vision – to provide a place for children to access quality English books and to provide free tuition especially for the underprivileged. Logos Hope had donated a few hundred books to them and the volunteers even painted a mural inside the library – a painting of a beautiful blue sky day. About five children visited the library the next day.

When another team of volunteers from Logos Hope visited the library again recently, the library was already equipped with shelves filled with books. 30 students visited that day, bringing much joy and laughter into the place. “The library has been built in an area where families are quite poor. We want to provide the opportunity for primary and secondary students to visit this library anytime during our open hours and read freely,” said Sarah, one of the founders. Sarah visits nearby schools to talk to the teachers and principals, and builds a relationship with them to extend the invitation for students to visit the library. “The libraries in schools are not as well equipped in terms of English books,” she explained.

The Korean couple was very happy to receive Logos Hope again as they still hold fond memories of the last visit. Sarah was rather disappointed when she heard that the ship will not be in Kuching again after this visit for quite a number of years. The team donated another two boxes of books to the library and spent a nice afternoon doing activities with the students including drama, games and story-telling. Carol-Anne Frame (Scotland) said “It was a good time, I love reading stories to children.”

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