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No, No, No!

28 Nov, 2014 :: South Africa

At Meetse A Buphelo, 'Fountain of Life', an after-school programme run for vulnerable children and youth ranging from 6-14 years of age, members of the Logos Hope Outbound team, based in South Africa, taught the children about protecting themselves. They showed the children pictures and asked them to respond with 'yes' or 'no' if the picture was good or bad. The children laughed and put their thumbs up to pictures of ice cream and down to pictures of spiders. The teachers then asked the children about adults: “They do right thing? They never do bad things, and they always take care of us. They never hurt children do they?" Immediately, all the children put down their thumbs and shouted, “no, no, NO!”

“Everyone likes ice cream right?" "Yes, yes, yes!" "So, if you see an adult walking down the road with an ice cream, and they offer you one if you get into their car, or go into their house… Do you go with them?" "No, no, no!" "That's right, you don't go with strangers. Why not?” This little girl, who was only about 6 answered "They might rape you." That really surprised the team, especially Izzy Neoh (Australia). “I was so shocked, that a little girl so young could say something like this. It made me realize that most of them understand abuse by adults, having experienced it, or are at least aware of it.”

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