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Hitting the target

15 Apr, 2014 :: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“I had a very good working relationship with the Yiu Lian dockyard. They were very professional,” said Captain Tom Dyer (USA) about Logos Hope’s 2014 dry dock. Workwise the targets on main engine number two and the auxillary engine number one were met. Reassembling cabins and the Hope Theatre continues and expects to be finished soon. One challenge of dry dock was Logos Hope being tied up alongside a floating dock. Crewmembers needed to travel to and from the ship with a tugboat or ship lifeboat . “Not having access for people could get on and off freely was an unexpected challenge, but people seem to take it in stride. We always had volunteers to help with the lifeboat shuttles,” said Captain Tom. He appreciated the great leadership given on board during dry dock. He gives special mention to GBA Ships technical manager Harald Smit (Netherlands), team leaders Miriam Garcia (Switzerland) and Sharon Hausler (Australia) for co-ordinating the work teams and deck officer Cristian Montaner (Chile) for leading work in the tanks. With work completed, Logos Hope sails from Yiu Lian dockyards to Kai Tak Cruise terminal on Thursday, 17 April, where the vessel opens to the public.

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