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Worth all the effort

04 Mar, 2015 :: Singapore

Logos Hope will leave the shipyard berth earlier than originally planned, as shipyard assistance is not required for the jobs that remain to be done and moving to another berth also simplifies arrangements for sub-contractors coming on board. Fire-fighting equipment has now been serviced by the sub-contractors, as well as the fire detectors and alarm system. Meanwhile, crewmembers have been working on other items of equipment like gangways, lifeboats, watertight doors and emergency lights – all towards the surveys for the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate. The training of the deck and engine watch-keepers is going well. Those who joined in September were only on board for one month before the project started and are now benefitting from additional training as well as working alongside more experienced crew.

Many ship systems have been tested this past week and the main engines have been prepared for sailing. Food stores and other supplies are also being brought on board. The ship will leave the yard on 4 March and go to anchor for two days before moving to the new berth. This also provides the opportunity to test the new bow thruster motor and controls, swing the ship to calibrate the magnetic compass and take on fuel and lube oil. “Thank you for your ongoing support as we are now in the last month of the Power Up project,” said Marine Superintendent Elon Alva. “Someone once said, ‘There are no shortcuts to any place worth going,’ and this historic effort brings the vessel to a place that is well worth it in terms of readiness for future service.”

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