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Staying on track

18 Dec, 2014 :: Singapore

It’s now more than two months since Logos Hope entered the shipyard. At the start, there was much anticipation and even some degree of nervousness about how the work would progress, but over 80% of the scheduled work by the shipyard has now been completed! “God has been gracious,” said Project Manager Matt Blair (Australia). “We also acknowledge the tremendous contribution of each member of the team here. Without their dedication, great attitude and tenacity we would not be in the place we are in today.” Highlights of the week include the bow thruster motor being put in place, welding the access holes in the funnel shut, and good progress on electrical work on the bow thruster, the main switchboard, the emergency switchboard and the main engine cooling system. The auxiliary engine room continues to be challenging as work continues with new pipe work, ventilation ducting, and wiring as well as the installation of the generators. The vessel remains in the dry dock waiting for the lay-up berth to become available.

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Singapore Power Up Project, Singapore

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