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Keeping up with the plan

25 Nov, 2014 :: Singapore

Over the past week in Singapore, there has been significant progress in many areas. The bow thruster propeller has been refitted, its control panel and motor brought in and the access hole closed. Generator 2 has been brought into the ship and put in place on its foundation, and the new water-cooled Alternator 1 has been lowered onto the extended bedplate. Pipes are being brought into the alternator room and fitted in preparation for the generator room access hole being welded shut. In the funnel, the economisers and silencers are now in position. Meanwhile, the electricians have been working longer hours to place the spaghetti of wires that run to all parts of the ship into an ‘ordered chaos’ in preparation for connecting up to the main switch board. “We are so thankful for safety, good team work and sound progress, keeping up with the plan,” says Marine Superintendent Elon Alva (Australia). “While this comes with new opportunities every day to solve issues that arise, the shipyard project manager has thanked our team for the way we work and manage together with his team. This comes from a professional in his field who manages the work on many ships every year.”

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