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Checkpoints on the journey

15 Jul, 2014 :: Gunsan, South Korea

With the pace of life on Logos Hope, crewmembers often lack time to reflect on how their journey around the world is shaping their perceptions and character. The Life Direction Check and Get Perspective Seminar are ‘check in’ points at 12 and 18 months to evaluate a crewmember’s experience. The seminars provide discussion and also personality assessments to highlight growth. Crewmembers soon leaving also have re-entry training to equip them to master the practicalities and emotions of the transition home after one or two years. At the same time Logos Hope welcomed four new crewmembers. Ten years ago, Anna Panayiotides come aboard Doulos, former sister ship, on the vessel’s visit to Cyprus. Many on board react with surprise when they hear she is from Cyrus. Anna too is eager to get to know crew and their diverse backgrounds. “I really want to be able to serve, to use my strengths and what I’m good at to serve people around the world,” she hopes. “I’m excited that this experience is going to challenge me. I like the fact that I’m out of my comfort zone.”

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