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Excited English

27 Aug, 2014 :: Keelung, Taiwan

A Ukulele band, line-dance and hip-hop dance were features at the onboard English Café, a relaxed atmosphere where locals met crewmembers and practiced their English. Guests from Overseas Radio & Television (ORTV) and Studio Classroom were a great addition through the Ukulele sing-a-long which let the audience practice their English. Though tickets were sold out, the events team set up more tables for those on the waiting list. One of the very final of 140 visitors to come to the English Café was a special guest. While talking about weather, food, birthdays and special celebrations around the tables, Captain Chris Hughes (UK) discovered a birthday guest was among the group. Jenny was celebrating her 12th birthday at the English Café! A loud chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ echoed through the room. At the end of the programme, visitors watched a drama that encouraged them to focus on the things in life that really matter. Through practicing English, visitors to Logos Hope discovered more than just a new skill, but the value of friendship through English that can bring joy to their lives. For at least one guest this was an unforgettable experience.

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