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Feeding the needy

20 May, 2015 :: Cebu, Philippines

Food is one of the basic survival needs of human beings – not only physically, but food for the soul and mind is just as important to lead a healthy life. Yet, thousands of children in Philippines don’t have this basic need met. A Logos Hope team had an opportunity to prepare a wholesome meal for some of these children, as part of a weekly feeding programme conducted by a group of volunteers.

One of the volunteers, Miriam Waefler, has been leading the feeding programme for a year now. She shares that it first started with a teaching programme to educate children on life values but realized the children could not focus as they were always hungry. That’s when it turned into a feeding programme, bringing in up to 80 children every week. “These children come from broken homes where there’s a lot of abuse and misuse of drugs and alcohol,” she explains. “What they really need, beyond food, is love.” The feeding programme is not merely about providing a meal, but volunteers also care for the well-being of the children like family. Miriam’s dream for these children is for their parents to start caring for them and to come to the realisation how precious they are. She also prays hard that the children will be able to finish school and make something good out of their lives.

The Logos Hope team had some time to bless the children through games, drama and songs. Colin Griffin (USA) had a fantastic time playing the ship game with the children, where they learnt terms like 'bow' and 'stern'. “I’m so thankful to be a part of today’s programme. It has been a great experience just to be able to help,” he shared.

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