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You are special

26 May, 2015 :: Cebu, Philippines

Logos Hope held a 'party of hope' for some special friends in Cebu. The party started in a park near the ship's berth, where many underprivileged children spend their days. A Logos Hope team played with the kids and then invited them to the ship for an event and dinner. Through the songs, drama and the hugs, the team showed the kids they are special and loved.

Over 70 excited kids came to the ship - some had been waiting since the morning already. The team hosted the kids in small groups to put more care and love into the individuals. The kids enjoyed the action songs and the story 'You are special' from Max Lucado. “All the hard work was worth it when I saw the huge smiles on those kids as they stepped on the gangway,” said onboard Events Manager Regina Palazuelos (Mexico). “We really want to give them a lifelong memory.” The party wasn’t as part of the official schedule and so it was challenging for the events team to organise the party in a short time, but many crewmembers used their free time to help.

“The kids prayed for me at the end,” shared one of the host leaders, Nancy Bhagatone (Nepal). Even though the kids had little, they really showed their appreciation and wanted to bless the team. Many kids even reminded the host to pray before dinner. They didn’t come to the ship for food, but love and friendship. For Logos Hope team members, this party was not just an event, but an opportunity to make special friends.

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