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Stocking library shelves

12 Sep, 2014 :: Keelung, Taiwan

The gates opened a few hours earlier than expected on Logos Hope’s final day in Keelung. Library Collections Manager Ms Su and her staff arrived to purchase a large quantity of English books from the vessel’s book fair. The books they selected, mainly children’s and adult novels, will service a network of public libraries in northern Taiwan. Having heard that Logos Hope is a non-profit venture, Ms Su was interested to support the organisation’s work in this way. In total over 102 boxes of books were packed and loaded into vans. A discount and 100 free books from the ship were given as a donation to the library. Throughout the visit to Keelung, 142,576 visitors came on board. Book Fair Manager Andy Davies (UK) commented, “It was fantastic to start the last day of a busy port in such a great way.” 

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