In our own backyard

20 May, 2016 :: Richards Bay, South Africa

Two Logos Hope teams were reminded of the importance of serving those in their own backyard when they joined the local Seafarer’s Club to talk with sailors from other ships docked near Logos Hope.

With a grueling schedule of working twelve hours daily, these men work for nine months straight at sea. They leave everything behind - girlfriends, wives, and children - as they work diligently toward a better life for their families.

One of the vessels the second team visited was three times the size of Logos Hope, with just 5% of the crew - only twenty people. “Please pray for safety,” asked the chef, a man from the Philippines, who had left his wife and two children at home. Just three months into his commitment, the longing for home was already evident on his face. The Logos Hope team prayed with him, asking for protection over him as he cooks for the crew and for his family back in the Philippines, and by the end he was smiling with a sense of peace.

The team talked with many other sailors, comparing the work they do, empathizing on the challenge of being away from home and loved ones, and encouraging them. “Home” for the Logos Hope crew may be untraditional, but the ship's neighbours are still in need of love.

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