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02 Sep, 2015 :: Logos Hope

During the nine-day long sail from Taichung to Penang, the ship’s children were given a taste of working on the ship. Donning the actual light blue uniforms with their names printed on official badges, they helped out at the service desk to answer calls and make pages.

“Ding dong…” The sound for paging goes off.

A timid voice goes off to all around the ship. “I don’t remember…,” says Reuben Rawson (UK), a four-year-old boy. That sent crewmembers laughing around the ship, as they cooed at the his innocence and candidness. With some help, Reuben quickly remembers his page and boldly speaks into the voice transmitter. “Yiyi yang please, Yiyi yang,” he ends with a huge smile.

Two children each day were given the opportunity to work at the service desk for half an hour during the sail. Irina Bezrukova (Russia), who suggested the idea of allowing children to gain some work experience during sailing, said that she didn’t expect it would turn out so well. “The children were really happy and felt like ‘real professionals’,” she shared. “Even those working at the service desk appreciated their help and enjoyed having them around.”

“Ding dong…Attention ship’s company, there’s ice-cream in the dining room,” the children announced. “Yea!” They exclaimed.

Not only did the children learn about working, they brought much laughter to the ship.

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