Overcoming hardship

26 Aug, 2015 :: Taichung

Hospitals can be a scary place for some. It is especially heart breaking to step into a children’s ward and see children confined to beds; tubes running through them. A Logos Hope team visited the Children’s Hospital of China Medical University in Taichung with the hope of injecting some joy and laughter into the hospital atmosphere.

The team brought music, puppets, stories and even an illusion to entertain the children. Caylee Good (South Africa) shared the story of the boy who cut open a cocoon to help a butterfly get out, realising only after that he had destroyed the butterfly’s ability to fly. “Hardship helps to develop us fully and make us stronger,” explained Caylee. “So even when we are going through hard times, we must not give up.” The story gave the children much encouragement as they smiled and nodded their heads. “We hope we were able to be a blessing to them in some way,” said team leader, Jai Diaz (Philippines).

The story was not meant only for the children, but also for the parents and nurses who joined in the programme. In fact, parents and nurses often face a tougher emotional battle than the children as caretakers. Pastor Daniel, a volunteer who has been working with hospitals for the past five years, cares not only for the physical health of children, but much deeper for the emotional and spiritual health of the medical team. “I see ministering to the medical team as my priority,” said Pastor Daniel. “They give so much to care for the children. In turn, we want to encourage and pray for them.”

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