Heroes of San Fernando

22 Jul, 2015 :: San Fernando, Philippines

As the crew of Logos Hope prepares to end their visit to the Philippines, the crew had a chance to thank some of the people who helped make the visit to San Fernando possible. A team of ten from Logos Hope visited the Philippine National Police (PNP) office and thank them for working alongside the crew. They shared with the men and women who not only protect and serve the area of San Fernando but also extended their services on board Logos Hope. Rodney Hui (Singapore), Partner Ministries’ Director, gave a motivational message to everyone in attendance. “You are the most realistic people; you see the worst and the best in the people and as a result can be discouraged at what you experience on a daily basis.” He pointed out the mission statement of the PNP is to serve, to honour and to do justice. He used the words of their purpose to encourage them when they go out and serve the community of San Fernando. As part of the morning’s programme the team also shared a skit about fighting the forces of good and evil to help illustrate the role of the policeman and to keep to their mission statement in mind in all that they do as policemen.

Genaro V. Sapiera, Officer in Charge of the Regional Police Community Relation Division in Police Region Office 1, shared “It is the first time to have a group of internationals come to the office and I am encouraged to hear your stories and why you serve to share a message of knowledge, help and hope. I am encouraged to serve my community in the same way.”

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