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Off to a great start

21 Oct, 2014 :: Singapore

“The project has only just started but it is well and truly underway!” reports Project Manager Matt Blair from Singapore. After Logos Hope moved to the yard, the shutdown plan was implemented, with 230 shutdown tasks being completed in four days. At the same time, ship personnel were leaving the vessel, and by October 18 only the 25-person project team remained. October 18 was the planned handover date, but with the shipyard eager to get started, work began in many areas alongside the shutdown processes. “Although this made for an extremely busy week, it has given us a good start with a number of tasks already ahead of schedule,” said Matt. Logos Hope moved from the layup berth into the dry dock on 20 October, where the vessel is scheduled to remain for 40 days. During this time, work will continue seven days a week and around 150 shipyard workers have been busy on board, with some working night shifts. “Despite the extremely hot and humid work conditions there is plenty of excitement and good spirit amongst the team,” added Matt.

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Singapore Power Up Project, Singapore

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