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Practical Ways of Helping

15 Apr, 2015 :: Kuching, Malaysia

An hour’s drive into the hills of Kuching took the Logos Hope team to a beautiful valley surrounded by rainforests. This wasn’t a day of relaxation though, but of hard work. The team was in an aboriginal village to help prepare a new piece of land for growing different vegetables like chilli and corn.

This is part of a Nature Farming Project initiated by Breakthrough, a non-profit organization that helps the weak, poor and marginalized to break-free from their current unfortunate situations by providing practical solutions. One of it is kick-starting farming projects and working together with community rehabilitation centres to provide handicapped youth with government-approved jobs so that they may get higher financial support. Alfred, a local volunteer involved with the farming projects, helps these farms by seeking monetary assistance, providing training and helping to market their crops. He explained, “Other than building homes, providing basic and needs supplies, providing them with a job is the next best thing we can do for the underprivileged people. It’s practical and sustainable.”

The Logos Hope team managed to accomplish a number of things within a short amount of time like making the compost, fixing the irrigation pipes, and putting up poles for the netting around the farm area. Team leader, Elias Diwa (Zimbabwe), was happy with what the team had achieved. Not only that, but they were able to enjoy in the process. The locals prepared a traditional lunch for the team that included rice cooked inside a bamboo and also a most interesting dish – Durian chicken stew. “Even with all the exhausting work, we still had a really good time with the locals and also within the team. With all the preparation works we have helped with today, I think the villagers will be able to start farming very soon,” said Elias. 

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