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Major milestones

28 Jan, 2015 :: Singapore

“We admire the talents of the Power Up team and the way they have contributed of themselves and their talents to bring us to the place we are at,” says Marine Superintendent Elon Alva (Australia). The team is showing signs of tiredness but yet at the same time there is excitement at the prospect of all the systems working as planned. There were two major highlights this past week. The first was the firing up of the boiler to start commissioning of the thermal oil system. The Lloyds Register surveyor has completed final checks, so this system is now operational. Secondly, the Main Switch Board has been fully energised with shore power. This too is a significant milestone achieved and we are thankful for the quality of work done by the electrical team and our sub-contractor Promacon, and the care taken to do things safely. Generators 2 and 3 are now also connected electrically to the main switchboard, and work goes on to align the new alternator for Generator 1 while waiting for new vibration damper mounts to arrive in Singapore. “It has taken an enormous effort from the mechanical, electrical and shipyard teams to be at this place,” adds Elon. “When we look back over the past three months, it seems unbelievable to see how much has been done!”

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