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Purposeful partnerships

01 Jul, 2015 :: Subic Bay, Philippines

Partnerships with local organisations allow Logos Hope volunteers to be more effective in each port, gaining understanding of the ongoing work quickly and exploring possible ways to work hand-in-hand. While the ship is in Subic Bay, many projects were organised in conjunction with the organisation, Youth with a Mission (YWAM), to help local communities and reach out to the poor and needy. About 50 YWAM staff and volunteers including former bar girls and street kids live in a centre called the YWAM House.

The YWAM House has been around for 30 years, serving as a refuge for those who need protection and care. While the house serves a great purpose, a number of things have started to wear down over the years. With a desire to support and bless the house, a Logos Hope team of engineers, electricians and carpenters went and applied their expertise in repairing various things ranging from the refrigerator to the sewing machine.

The team was prepared to work and brought along all the necessary equipment from the ship. The refrigerator was even transported back to the ship for repair. At the house, the team worked on repairing the stair railings, windows, cupboards, lights, the children’s swing and basketball rim and others. There was a lot to do, but everyone worked joyously.

Vicky Hurday (Mauritius), who repaired the sewing machine, shared that he wasn’t expecting to fix that of all things. “I was expecting to do more heavy duty work, but seeing their machine was down, I tried to help in any way I could,” he said. “It’s a blessing for Logos Hope to be able to help in such a practical way in fixing our home,” said Mirabelle, a staff from YWAM.

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