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Changing focus

25 Feb, 2015 :: Singapore

Following the change from the Power Up project commissioning to the annual ‘dry dock’ phase of the project in the past week, Project Team Leader Matt Blair and Marine Superintendent Elon Alva (both Australia) have handed over the leadership to Captain Tom Dyer (USA) for operations issues and Technical Manager Harald Smit (Netherlands) for the remaining works. There is a lot still to be done in liaising with the team leaders on board and also with the shipyard through a safety meeting and a production meeting and these will continue until the ship leaves. Fire and lifeboat training and drills are in full swing and at the same time, training continues in the Deck and Engine departments to prepare crew for taking over watches after sailing from Singapore. The new engine officers need training in all the new equipment in the engine room and new procedures are also being written. Many sub-contractors have been engaged to complete the maintenance and surveys of some key pieces of equipment in preparation for Passenger Ship Safety Certificate surveys. Bridge, firefighting and lifesaving equipment have to be serviced by these subcontractors who also have to be approved by our classification society Lloyd’s Register. The ship is due to leave the yard on 10 March and will remain at another berth still to be confirmed in Singapore until the end of the month, but not open to the public.

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