Sharing Knowledge

Customer browsing bookfair

Over 49 million people in more than 150 different countries have walked up one of our ship's gangways to visit our floating book fairs. For a significant number of visitors, it is their first ever opportunity to purchase good quality literature available at a fraction of its retail value. Many people without the means to study have learned vital skills and been able to enhance their lives through a purchase from over 5,000 titles on offer, including books for further education, professional and career interests, individual development and personal growth.

Crewmembers set up a library in a village

The books have been carefully chosen to be of interest to every member of the family, and with the educational, social and moral needs of the local community in mind. A large selection is devoted especially to children. The vast selection of English books is supplemented by local language materials where possible. In many ports, significant numbers of books are also donated to help establish or enhance libraries for the public, schools, colleges and universities.

Korean fan dance group performs during an onboard event.

Visitors also have opportunities to meet the international crew representing around 60 nations, providing insights into the wider world, while interactive programmes and events offer further opportunities to learn and fresh perspectives for the future.