Sponsorship Opportunities

The work of GBA Ships is made possible by the financial support of individuals and community groups all over the world. Ongoing operational costs are met largely through sponsorship of onboard personnel, generous donations from partners around the world and the goodwill expressed by civic and port authorities through reductions and waivers of fees. Corporate support is welcomed in each port of call and we invite you to consider how you could contribute to the work of GBA Ships.

Guest of Honour His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi cuts a ribbon to officially open the book fair.

Waivers or reductions of fees


Our ships are most effective when they are in port. We stay alongside much longer than other ships, and rely on the goodwill of port authorities to provide a berth at either reduced or no cost so that we, as a non-profit entity, can provide vital services to the port community. This special co-operation and partnership with port authorities allows the local population to see the port area for themselves for perhaps the very first time, and gain a better appreciation of the work and importance of the port facility in their city. Additionally, reductions or waivers of fees for pilot, tugs, line handling, immigration services and customs duty allows us to operate as efficiently as possible, and continue to provide knowledge, help and hope to port communities around the world. We are deeply grateful for this expression of goodwill and support from authorities and government departments in each country we visit.

A radio interview with crewmembers from Logos Hope is also live streamed.

Port sponsorship


To enable as many people as possible to benefit from a ship visit, extensive publicity needs to take place. Local companies regularly show their support for the services we provide to their community by sponsoring publicity initiatives or campaigns such as printing of posters or flyers, radio advertising or even television spots. We show our appreciation by printing the companies' logos on printed materials and giving them a special mention at the official opening ceremony attended by local and sometimes national media at the start of each visit.

Crewmembers unload fresh fruit from a van.

Gifts in kind

Another way you can partner with GBA Ships is to contribute something specific. There is always something the ships require or need to replace. You can join in the ships' work by donating or sponsoring the purchase of an item of equipment such as:

  • machinery or tools
  • vehicles
  • catering equipment
  • musical instruments
  • sports or gym equipment
  • audio-visual equipment
  • computer hardware and/or software
  • children's play equipment
  • cleaning equipment
  • supplies of food or drinks, including fresh fruit and vegetables

E-mail us at information@gbaships.org if you need more information about any of the opportunities mentioned here, or if there is something you would like to donate.