Meet Doulos Hope

Building on the legacy of past service of our previous ship Doulos (1977-2010) and complementing the name of our current ship Logos Hope (since 2009), this newest vessel is called Doulos Hope! The word ‘doulos’ is Greek and means servant, so the ship is to be a ‘servant of hope’.

GBA Ships CEO, Seelan Govender expresses his vision for the future of the organisation’s work, stating: “Deeper, more impactful partnership means staying longer in ports and making return visits sooner, while also extending our reach into new areas. We want to have the greatest global impact possible. This means expanding our vision and looking beyond Logos Hope.”

Discussion with partners and supporters of our non-profit organisation’s work in recent years has resulted in unprecedented levels of support for this new venture, and we look forward to seeing individuals and communities impacted in the ports visited in years to come.

Originally built in Germany in 1991, the vessel was formally handed over to GBA Ships on Wednesday 25th May 2022 and required some repurposing of spaces in order to meet our needs. Doulos Hope was launched into service in May, 2023.

Gross Tonnage: 3,370 grt
Length: 85.5 m
Width: 14 m
Average Speed: 12.5 knots
Maximum Speed: 13.5 knots