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In partnership with many other organisations, our ships visit each port of call for several weeks at a time and open the gangways to hundreds and often thousands of visitors every day. The floating book fairs offer many diverse titles, providing many visitors their first-ever opportunity to choose from the wide range of quality literature.

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Subic Bay, Philippines :: A local woman receives a water filter from a ship team.
Subic Bay, Philippines :: Communities enjoy clean drinking water through water filter donations

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“I think that I can call this ship a ‘United Nations’ ship… Looking at young, mature, wonderful people, people with higher education devoting themselves to being on a ship is amazing... On behalf of the kings and queens of Ghana, I want to say congratulations and thank you so much for these wonderful people.”

King Okukrubor Agyemang V
Sailed with Logos Hope from Tema to Takoradi in Ghana, April 2022