Dubai, UAE :: Logos Hope's Parade of Nations stand with local Emirate men, all in their national costumes.

Becoming better with every visit

Dubai, UAE :: Logos Hope revisits Dubai, eager to connect and partner with many local people from various nationalities.

Logos Hope has arrived in Dubai, her second port of call in the UAE. She will be open to the public and will go through a maintenance period in this port.

Captain Ionut Vlad (Romania) said, “We are over 300 crewmembers from 70 different nationalities. Our community is diverse and, as Dubai residents know, this brings challenges. We are all different, but I choose to believe the things that unite us are greater than those that can divide us. Having an international crew is a blessing because when you have cultural diversity, you have different perspectives on issues and therefore a variety of solutions to choose when facing problems. This is how we develop together as a community. With every port we visit, we understand more and become better as a community and as individuals. I hope after our time in Dubai we can look back and see how we became better because of this visit.”

Managing Director Edward David (Malaysia) said, “We are delighted to celebrate the official opening of Logos Hope here in Dubai. This is the 13th visit of a GBA ship to Dubai since 1971, starting with our first ship Logos. Every time we come back, the welcome is so friendly and hospitable. Thank you for welcoming us back again. Since 2009, Logos Hope has welcomed more than 9.5 million visitors to enjoy the Visitor Experience Deck and interact with our community. We’re pleased to visit the city again and we trust that our bookfair and ship community will bring blessing to the people of Dubai.”

Executive Vice President of DP World, Mr. Mohammed Al Muallem, said, “What I’ve heard about Logos Hope is really something beautiful and I think what is being done is a noble cause. The Logos Hope community that has been spoken about is has similarities to Dubai. I agree with you captain, it isn’t easy, but it’s wonderful and can be such a positive force in changing for the better and you can see the proof of that in Dubai. The Dubai you see today is from the flavour of different people from over 220 nationalities coming with all their ideas and living together in harmony to better themselves, the community and future generations.”

Crewmembers look forward to the partnership between Dubai and Logos Hope to continue sharing knowledge, help and hope.