Sihanoukville, Cambodia :: Crewmembers build a house with bricks.

Building Together

Sihanoukville, Cambodia :: Doulos Hope crew learn from the local people during a building project in the city.

Ahead of Doulos Hope’s visit to Sihanoukville, Cambodia, the advance preparation team (responsible for overseeing the ship’s visit and schedule in port), learnt about the need for building materials in local communities. So, they set about raising funds to purchase these ahead of the vessel’s arrival.

A local partner told them about a man who needed help to finish building his house as he didn't have all the materials. Once the ship was in port, they arranged for crewmembers to help the man finish his home using the supplies they had purchased.

Crewmember Julian (Germany) was a part of the building team that left the ship early one morning to travel to the remote area of the city where the man lived.

While the man who owned the house could have perhaps built the walls himself using the materials provided, the help speeded up the process and enabled the team to be an encouragement, “showing that we cared and wanted to help,” reflected Julian, as well as giving them the opportunity to learn from the family about their lives and culture.

“What did I learn from the experience?” he asks. “To witness the hospitality shown to us… The family did not have much, but they provided us with lunch and gave us coconut drinks — they didn’t hold back. I think this is something I want to take back to Germany,” said Julian, “to [offer] more hospitality to others — I want to practice this value of sharing with others.”