Bar, Montenegro :: A crewmember teaches a teenager cleaning techniques during the Crew for a Day event.

A day to remember

Logos Hope :: Crew for a Day is a programme enabling teenagers to learn about life on board Logos Hope and gain work experience.

Crew for a Day, a work experience event for teenagers, has recently made a resurgence. It encourages teens to gain a better understanding of Logos Hope life and potentially inspires their future steps.

Many teenagers can experience Crew for a Day in various ports. After learning more about the ship through games and videos, a small envelope is placed in the participants’ hands. These envelopes contain the departments the teens will work in, intentionally mirroring the mystery and intrigue of the department allocation new crewmembers receive when joining the ship.

Teens connect with crewmembers, learn new skills and are inspired to serve others by participating in departments such as marine operations, galley (kitchen), and bookfair. After participating in Crew for a Day one teenager said, “I might join the ship. It’s definitely a consideration for me.” Another said, “I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the community. Everyone supported each other. When one person was struggling with their job, others came to help.”

Some current crewmembers initially experienced Logos Hope through Crew for a Day when the ship visited their countries. They clearly remember this day as being a moment that influenced their decision to join Logos Hope. Jai-Ella (Saint Lucia) said, “I worked in the galley (kitchen) department. I enjoyed it, even though it wasn’t anything spectacular, because the people were nice. Joining Logos Hope seemed like an unattainable dream, but then through Crew for a Day I realised crewmembers were normal people that I could relate to. Now I want to be that person for other teens who are considering joining the ship.”

Sissy (South Africa), “They gave us our departments and mine was the book hold. I could clearly see the heart of every person that I interacted with that day. From the moment I set foot on Logos Hope, I knew this is what I needed to do. This is one of the places where I grew a heart for serving. I am excited to see others experiencing Crew for a Day and thinking about joining the ship.”

Crew for a Day is relished by teens and crewmembers alike as an opportunity to connect with one another and learn something new. You never know where it might lead…