International Women's Day

Logos Hope :: Celebrating International Women's Day 2023 with a focus on women working in Marine Operations. 

Logos Hope proudly supports the advancement of women across a wide variety of roles, embracing equity and inclusion in the allocation of crew within the Marine Operations and other teams. From engineers to deck officers, administration to team leaders, and of course team members, women are involved in every aspect of the running of the ship.

Why do you like working in Marine Operations?

Helene (Germany) is a professional mechanical engineer. Now she serves as Logos Hope’s engine training officer. She said, “It was the way I could use my skills best. I’ve learnt practical skills and gained confidence in taking machines apart then putting them back together. It helps me see what I am capable of.”

SoHee (South Korea) works in the deck department. She said, “Many people think you need to be strong, but I think the mind is more important. I prove to myself and my leaders every day that I can solve problems.”

What is your experience of working in Marine Operations?

Méshae (South Africa) works as the engine storekeeper. She said, “I never expected that I would be selected because of my size. But people come in all shapes and sizes. We all play our part, and we can all work together. It is empowering to know that [being a woman] doesn’t restrict me in whatever I want to do.”

Valerie (Germany), who also works in the engine department, said, “I find it empowering to try new things that are challenging. Marine Operations is a safe environment to learn and make mistakes. I feel blessed to have learnt new skills, become physically stronger and to know men who affirm [women] in [their] roles. That builds a lot of confidence.”

What would you say to a woman considering joining Marine Operations?

Colleen (USA) is the training officer on board Logos Hope. She said, “Go for it! GBA Ships is an amazing place because they encourage you to grow.”

SoHee said, “Be aware that you’re going to be tired, but you’ll enjoy the community. You will learn that we are all just people who can work, regardless!”

Méshae said, “I think it opens your mind to new things and to be challenged. But you need to persevere and be persistent. You can achieve whatever you want to!