Mombasa, Kenya :: Derrel (Indonesia) passes Luca (Romania) mangrove seedlings to plant.

Realising a vision for regeneration

Mombasa, Kenya :: Logos Hope crew come alongside Blue Earth Organisation to restore the vibrant source of life that is Mombasa's mangrove forest.

A blue canvas day. Sunlight trickles through swaying green leaves. The mangrove forests in Mombasa, Kenya are a vibrant source of life that protects water quality, shelters wildlife, reduces flooding and encourages fishery production. This unique ecosystem sustains many coastal communities like Mombasa’s and contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change.

These attributes are near and dear to the heart of Blue Earth Organization in Mombasa. The group’s co-founder, Joyce Koech, shares, “Blue Earth Organization is really big about environmental conservation, climate advocacy and mangrove restoration… We started the initiative to help communities that were affected by mangrove destruction and for the last three years we've been able to plant 30,000 [mangroves]. This has helped the community not only financially but also [through restoring] the degraded ecosystem.”

The group also emphasises educating and inspiring youth to act against climate change and be caretakers of the planet through activities that realise a vision for regeneration, like planting mangrove seedlings. Blue Earth Organization is taking action, in partnership with local communities, schools and youth, to protect this important environment.

Logos Hope crewmembers had the opportunity to get involved, investing their personal resources of time and finances in an effort that saw 4,000 mangrove seedlings planted in Mombasa’s coastal regions. Commenting on the collaboration with Logos Hope, co-founder Joyce says, “The people that came to plant mangroves were mostly young people. I was really inspired… [they] are actually able to be the defenders of the planet. Young people being part of [our initiatives] shows that our future is safe in [their] hands.”

This unique opportunity to serve a community and see the next generation commit to caring for their environment was a pleasure to be part of. We continue seeking partnerships like this one, with the hope to inspire many to take initiative in helping build a better future for all – starting right where they are.

How can you be involved in realising the vision for regeneration where you live?