Salalah, Oman :: Local men smile for a photo.

Until we meet again

Logos Hope :: Logos Hope and her crew farewell the Middle East and North Africa region...for now.

Logos Hope is leaving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to head towards new adventures and fresh opportunities to serve. In the ship’s last Arabian Peninsula port of Salalah, Oman, Managing Director Edward David (Malaysia) said, “Three words come to my mind; generosity, hospitality and the warmth that people have always expressed to Logos Hope’s community.” This sentiment has been echoed by crewmembers as they look back on the time spent in the MENA region with fond memories and warm hearts.


How would you describe your experience in the MENA region?

Hannah (Singapore) said, “I didn’t know what to expect, so I was surprised by people’s hospitality and how friendly they were. They would go out of their way to take us places and give gifts to us, even if they didn’t know us.”

Paolenta (Cameroon) said, “My experience was quite unique. I heard people’s stories and noticed many similarities, but also a world of difference. Hearing these encouraged me and pushed me in my own journey with God.”

Miranda (USA) said, “There are a lot of stereotypes that have been placed on people from this region, but we could truly experience their culture and hospitality. We were being invited into homes, eating meals together and just talking with them. I could see their love for one another and their excitement to welcome us. It was very eye-opening and humbling.”

João (Brazil) said, “In Brazil, I only heard about the Middle East through the media, but when you come and get to know these people and learn how kind they are, it’s completely different.”


What is one memory that will stay in your mind?

Haelyn (Trinidad and Tobago) said, “In Bahrain, we met a Pakistani/Canadian family. They visited the ship many times and met many of the crew. My family and I connected with them, so they invited us to their home to celebrate Eid al-Adha and took us out to show us around the city.”

Constantin (Germany) said, “My most memorable experience was making a lifelong friend in Iraq. He is also living with his family and just out of university, but in a different environment. It was incredible meeting someone who was relatable in life stage and age, but completely opposite in culture.”

Miranda (USA) said, “I was able to experience Oman the most as my team and I drove through the country for six days. I remember one night where we out and had a picnic in the middle of the desert with some Omani women. They cooked food for us, then we danced and sang under the stars. The women were just happy to be with each other and with us.”

While it may be goodbye from Logos Hope for now, her crew will hold onto these memories in their hearts and minds. The ship community is grateful for the beautiful connections and experiences they’ve enjoyed in a region like no other. Insha’allah, which translates to ‘if God wills it’ in Arabic, many of her crewmembers will revisit the region, for no one ever truly knows what the future will hold…