Basra, Iraq :: Local barge with thanks to Logos Hope for visiting Iraq.

Whole-hearted hospitality

Basra, Iraq :: Logos Hope thanks the people of Iraq for their warm welcome and hospitality during the ship's stay in Basra.

Logos Hope’s community experienced many things in Basra, Iraq: rich history, delicious food and intriguing architecture. But it was the warmth, kindness and welcoming nature of the Iraqi people that captured the hearts of crewmembers.

Lisa (Zimbabwe) said, “I loved getting to see more of the history of Basra; how much heritage there is and how old the city is. They call it the ‘cradle of civilisation’, so I loved getting a glimpse of that through the museums. I also appreciated the soldiers who had an exhibition of their fallen comrades. They shared about the history of that as well. And of course, the people were just amazing. They always had a smile or a kind words to say.”

Constantin (Germany) said, “The landscape was special, but the biggest highlight was the Iraqi people. They were so excited to meet us, new people from new nations. They were genuinely interested in getting to know our cultures and still shared their own with pride. We got to know each other’s cultures through different performances, outings and art exhibitions. The hospitality was simply incredible. I didn’t know that hospitality could go to that extent!”

Dennis (Ecuador) said, “The Iraqi people were definitely the highlight for me. I found out that we have a lot in common with people in this region, including language. It was a topic of conversation that there are words that are the same in Spanish and in Arabic. The people were so open and friendly. Getting to know local people changed my perspective of what I had previously heard about Iraq, especially the translators who helped us whilst we were in Basra.”

Sveta (Russian Federation) said, “My highlight was the Iraqi people and how they welcomed us. I spent time connecting with children on the Visitor Experience Deck, and one school visited just to say thank you to us for coming. They gave us flowers and cookies. I was so amazed. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I also met some Russian speakers, which was a pleasant surprise. The small conversations, the hospitality, the smiles, it impacted me a lot and I believe we impacted their lives too.”

A port to remember, Basra and its people, have been imprinted on the hearts of Logos Hope’s crew. Thank you, Iraq, for everything! You will not be forgotten.